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Business Activities

Components of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Dept.

Main Products

Photo: Hydrofluorocarbon

Photo: Energy saving device

  • Energy-saving air-conditioning equipment
  • Automatic control machinery
  • Recovery service & recovery equipment
  • HACCP support products
  • Equipment for improving working environments
  • Clean rooms
  • Circulation pumps
  • LED lamp

Functional Materials Sales Dept.

Main Products

Photo: Embossed plastic carrier tape

Photo: Functional coatings

  • SMT(Surface Mount Technologies) materials
    • Embossed plastic carrier tape
    • Top cover tape
    • Trays
    • Plastic reels
    • Taping machine
  • functional coatings
    • Water and oil repellent, anti-fouling coatings
    • Fluolo coatings
    • Fluorinated oil
  • Cleaning system solutions
    • Cleaning systems and equipment
    • Reclamation devices & equipment

International Business Dept.

Main Products

Photo: Import graphite

Photo: Export electric equipment

  • Import and export of fluorochemical materials, minerals and processed metal products
  • Import and export of electronic equipment and parts, air conditioning equipment, environmental equipment, industrial construction materials

KAPAS (Kyokuto Advanced Parts & Authetic Service) Dept.

Main Products

Photo: Kapas

  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment tools and materials